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Openness is our greatest human resource.


Source: Self Magazine
Date Published: Various
As a child of divorce, I grew up thinking that relying on others was dangerous. Love died. People changed. It was better to be independent and self-sufficient. By 14, I could cook, clean and take care of myself for a week at a time. As an adult I continued to perform my one-woman show. I avoided roommates. I chose a solitary profession. I fell in love with unavailable people. Outwardly I was confident, but inside I was lonely. Ultimately I had to admit what I'd grown up denying: No woman is an island. So I chose to take off my mask of self-sufficiency and let others begin to know me. I deepened relationships with my family and made more nurturing friends. I met someone who was available and, for once, I stood still. I've since replaced my one-woman show with an ensemble piece. And I've never been happier.