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Book Tour Update

Hey everybody! Just finished up with Seattle and San Francisco and head out to New York in the morning. Seattle was super fantastico. I saw my old friends from Elliott Bay Books, Rick and Karen, and Warren Read, with whom I consulted on a manuscript that just sold (!!). The event was co-sponsored by Mavin, a resource group for multi-racial people, and though I thought it was going to be held at the groovy new Koolhaas library downtown, it was actually held an equally gorgeous newly renovated branch of the library called the Douglas Truth branch, named after Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth. I was happy to hear that when Seattle decided to spend millions on the new library, they committed to renovate libraries all over the city. Way to be civically responsible! Anyhoo, I read to the standing room only crowd and took lots of questions. Heard from at least one pregnant mom. It was really a lot of fun, and I want to thank everyone who came and made it possible, including my great media escort and playright, Rosalind.

San Francisco was also good. Spent the whole day yesterday at KPFA doing community radio. I was interviewed by at least four different people, including my dear friend Weyland, producer of Hard Knock Radio. We got lots of great calls from listeners, one of whom wanted to give love and thanks for spreading the word about ambivalence and motherhood and all the rest of it. Another who wanted to set up a reading in the East Bay because all of my readings were a little far out of town (thanks to the good booksellers at Keplers who gave me some Richard Scarry books for the baby, and the good people at Book Passage in Corte Madera, who gave me some great note cards with my name engraved on them. Perfect for thank you notes to all of you sending me such positive energy.) Lots of good dialogue happening because of the book, and I'm so proud it seems to be touching a nerve. I also had a much needed massage, which got me re-centered for the next leg, which includes Good Morning America! Stay tuned.

Peace and love,
March 25th, 2007


Comment #1 by Pony on March 27, 2007 - 4:55pm

Ms. Walker, I have not yet read you book, "Baby Love," but I did however see your interveiw on Good Morning America. You made one comment on there which really distrubed me a great deal and felt the need to look for some way of commenting on it. I felt that your comment on how a mother can feel about a step child verses her own biological child was not all together true. although you may have felt that way in your own life, in your dealing with your step child.... I do not. I raised three step daughter's, and only referr to them as such for the purpose of this posting, and a daughter that I gave birth to and have no different feeling for one over the other in my heart. I Do love them all the same and would give my life for any one of them. the is no difference in my life or my heart, and yes, it has been tested, for any one of my kids, which three of them are now adults and have children of their own. Yep, I am a grandmother as well. I don't know if you read these personally or not, but I do hope that you do, because the thought that a step parent couldn't love a step child as much as their own birth child is not entirely correct and I would hate to have step children all over the world who meet you and or read your books, think that it is an absolute truth about step families. Yes, it may be so in many step families, but not in mine. Thanks for listening, and good luck with the success of your book.

Comment #2 by Cobb on March 28, 2007 - 2:52am

So that organing vs modernism question wasn't fair. I can't figure it out. It's the toughest question I'm dealing with. Still. Loved your lecture. Got some inspiration. Wrote a thing or two.

Comment #3 by Blake on March 28, 2007 - 4:12pm

Girrrl,I saw you on Good Morning America. My honey was mad at me for not waking her up when you came on the tele.You Go! Proud of you for being courageous with your words and making time for us in Seattle. There is a difference between scholarly debate and crude interrogating comments.Daggers are going to continue flying your way, but trust that there will be enough positive energy out there to counter it.

Comment #4 by tulip on April 4, 2007 - 6:13am

Rebecca - i just wanted to say thank you for coming into and shopping at tulip. i have to admit i am not immediately familiar with your work (and will soon change that), but was taken with your beauty, style, spirit and taste! i'm thrilled you got the Nili Lotan dress and had on Arnold Zimberg!! thank you for your support and best wishes.-annie

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