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One Big Happy Family Excerpt on Storked! at

Chrissi Coppa, writer of the blog Storked, and author of the soon to be published memoir Rattled, excerpted asha bandele's piece on choosing to divorce her incarcerated husband and become a single mom, from the new book. The comments are wonderful. Please visit and add your voice. 

Chrissi on asha's essay:

"This essay is dynamic and piercing and I relate to the bones and guts of it. It is scary knowing that if I fall no one is there to catch me--that I have to break my own fall and catch JD in the process. My mind races, races, races at night. I have no one to talk to or ask questions to. I witness miraculous things daily--JD taking his pajamas off, for one, but I have no one to squeal, "Look, look!" while I point to JD with my camera in hand--I share these milestones with my son. It is enough and more...but I like Asha feel the unpredictable twinges of solitude and quiet and pressure to be on top all of the time because I have to be. It's enough to drive me to tears and sometimes it really does, but then I recover all over again--because I love my son. I love him tremendously and behind the occasional tear is 100 x in smiles and joy--an easy joy with no reason or force, just a peaceful full circle coming to all ends. It's seamless.

Do, do discuss.

February 12th, 2009


Comment #1 by Lance Tango on February 18, 2009 - 2:44am

Hi Rebecca,

Guess what came in the mail today via Amazon…???

Yep!!! A couple of copies of One Big Happy Family.
A few days earlier than I was expecting!!!

I’m soooo excited…

I just finished reading your Introduction and your Acknowledgments…

And I’m so overwhelmed with feelings of inspiration and hope.
It’s as if my heart has just turned itself inside out…
Trying desperately to soak in and assimilate the atmosphere of tenderness that your words create.

You not only have such a gift of insight and wisdom…
You also generously create a medium for others to steep in the things you have learned.

I feel so blessed that your work has found its way into my life.
And I hope that I am able to walk through this life with the same sensitive strength that your words resonate with.

Thank you.



Comment #2 by rebecca on February 20, 2009 - 11:26am
You are welcome. Who sees it, hears it. Keep going.
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