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Openness is our greatest human resource.

Goodbye Domino. xo Rebecca

Even though celebrating objects seems wrong at the moment, I think it's important to remember that beauty, like poetry, is not a luxury.* It heals, inspires, and is sometimes the only thing that keeps humanity going.

At every time, in every place, it's always about the art. 

I'm so sad to hear Domino is no more. Here's to seeing the team--Deborah and Joao and Catherine and everyone else who made the mag gorgeous--when they reconvene to make something new. 


Goodbye Domino!



*Love to Audre Lorde: Poetry is Not a Luxury. 

February 21st, 2009


Comment #1 by nicole on February 23, 2009 - 6:55pm

i'm gonna miss domino too. i was a subscriber, can't believe it has shut down. i really loved your feature -- how did the process for that go? did you really pick out all of those items? are the little blurbs really something you said? i always wonder how that goes.

Comment #2 by rebecca on February 23, 2009 - 10:13pm
I def picked out the things---and a hundred more. they whittle down, i write a couple of sentences they edit and make sound like dominese. they sent photographer. it was a great experience.

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