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Openness is our greatest human resource.

The End of the University as We Know It

I'm really loving this Op-ed by Mark Taylor in yesterday's Times, here's a section:

2. Abolish permanent departments, even for undergraduate education, and create problem-focused programs. These constantly evolving programs would have sunset clauses, and every seven years each one should be evaluated and either abolished, continued or significantly changed. It is possible to imagine a broad range of topics around which such zones of inquiry could be organized: Mind, Body, Law, Information, Networks, Language, Space, Time, Media, Money, Life and Water.

Consider, for example, a Water program. In the coming decades, water will become a more pressing problem than oil, and the quantity, quality and distribution of water will pose significant scientific, technological and ecological difficulties as well as serious political and economic challenges. These vexing practical problems cannot be adequately addressed without also considering important philosophical, religious and ethical issues. After all, beliefs shape practices as much as practices shape beliefs.

A Water program would bring together people in the humanities, arts, social and natural sciences with representatives from professional schools like medicine, law, business, engineering, social work, theology and architecture. Through the intersection of multiple perspectives and approaches, new theoretical insights will develop and unexpected practical solutions will emerge.


April 28th, 2009


Comment #1 by Marcy Webb on June 15, 2009 - 1:10am

Seth Godin, on his blog, talks about textbooks. Some parallels between what the two of you are saying with respect to transforming the university:

BTW: I was led to your blog via Womanist Musings. :)

Comment #2 by Julia on October 9, 2011 - 8:37pm

I dont think it's the same situation everywhere.

Comment #3 by Allenwood on February 19, 2014 - 6:14am

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