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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Danzy Senna Book Comments

"In Baby Love, Rebecca Walker has shone a bright light on the Ambivalent Generation --those of us raised to remain daughters rather than become mothers, to wonder rather than to know. Moving, wise, and deeply honest, Baby Love has illuminated a crucial question for our times."

Danzy Senna, author of Caucasia and Symptomatic, Whiting Award recipient.


Blogger Bonnie said...

I read, with interest, the story in today’s New York Times, about your new book. Having raised two children as a working mother, I’m always fascinated by the working vs. stay-at home mother debate… and planned to order and read the book.

However, when I read that you believe an adoptive parent’s love is ‘less’ than I biological parent’s… I realized that only a person who has never adopted a child could make such an unimaginable and outrageous statement. I cut the umbilical cord on both my children and would die for either of them, in a New York minute. You, however, have a mother who carried and gave birth to you, and yet you are estranged from one another… how sad for both of you and for your child. My beloved children, whom (to quote a very corny poem) ‘didn’t grow under my heart, but in it” will NEVER find themselves in such a tragic scenario. You’re young… you’ll learn! Bonnie Bruckheimer

Blogger wishy in az said...

I'm 36 and a mother of your generation. I share many of your interests and concerns, and I am even a Spalding University MFA student like you, but I will not be buying your book. You lost me with your ridiculous comment regarding adoptive motherhood versus biological motherhood. I am an adoptive mother. I would most certainly kill for my child (a thought I'm not proud of, mind you)...but nonetheless, I love my daughter so as to be fiercely protective of her and no more or no less than if I gave birth to her. Your thinking is sadly screwed up in this regard, Ms. Walker. The NYT article mentioned any feminist's ability and right to "evolve" in her thinking....please "evolve" in this regard and realize that just because YOU were incapable of fully attaching and bonding to a child not biologically linked to you, does NOT mean all of us women are so sorely disabled. I most certainly am not!


Amy Hanridge, proud adoptive mother

Blogger Carla said...

This is the first time I have ever posted a comment on anyone's blog about anything, but there's a first time for everything and I am FURIOUS. Enraged about your comment that love for a/my biological child is any more deep or different than love for a/my child who was adopted. I am a pretty smart, savvy, well-read 50-something single mom, who has thought about these things a lot. I have degrees from Wharton and Harvard. But the best thing by far I ever did was become a mom, twice - I am blessed to have 2 sons, one biological, one who was adopted. Two terrific boys, 10 and 15, different in more ways than not. The same in terms of my deep, profound, unqualified love for each of them. How dare you say it could be otherwise. Your ignorance is stunning. You should reconsider what you've said, since it is deeply hurtful both to parents of kids who were adopted and the kids themselves. Carla Graubard

Blogger wishy in az said...

Ms. Walker, do you intend to get into some sort of "Mommy Pissing Contest" where adoptive moms declare "I'd kill for my kid!" and you claim, more loudly, "Yeah, well I'd kill somebody DEADER!"...? If you do not, then you should reconsider your foolish statements regarding adoptive versus biological motherhood!

Amy Hanridge, proud adoptive mother


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