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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Women's Expo

Pensacola, here I come! I'm still working on blog entries from Baby Love LA and Kahului, but in the meantime I'm hitting the road again to open and close the Gulf Coast Women’s Expo. This is a wonderful opportunity to discuss the important topics facing women (and men) today. The title of the opening talk I'm giving at the conference is "Today is the Tomorrow You Were Promised Yesterday." It's all about how to have hope for the future and what we can do to bring about positive change, both within ourselves and our communities.

The expo should be a really energizing experience and I’m looking forward to connecting with all the women "down south" working on the great balancing act of friends, family, self, and career. If you are in the Pensacola area this Friday or Saturday, please stop by and see me! I'll be looking for you. Peace and love. Rebecca


Blogger D said...

ufI hope you'll post your talk! I'm nowhere near Pensacola but would love to hear what you have to say.

Blogger Rory said...

Thank you, Rebecca, for crossing oceans to join us at the expo. Welcome to P'cola! For those who are not down south...The Pensacola News Journal site,, will shoot the opening speech Fri. morning and I will post the link here. You can also check out our webcast with Rebecca at

Blogger Charlotte said...

Your keynote speech was truly inspirational. I took half a day off from work so I could be there and it was as if you were speaking directly to my heart in regards to a personal issue I've been struggling with. Thank you for giving us your insight into the importance of openness and the presence of divisiveness within our own hearts and minds. May we all have the strength to follow your advice and be courageously open with each other. And let gentleness be the guiding theme in all our human interactions.
Namaste, Rebecca

Blogger Rory said...

Rebecca, your words today on practicing openness and recognizing the commonalities we all share was wonderful.. Thank you again for being with us this week in Pensacola. Your voice at this event is immeasurably valued, desperately needed and deeply resonant.

The links are up for Friday! Check out RW video and lovely photos via the links below:


Photo Gallery:

Looking forward to tomorrow!!


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