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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Best Day Ever

Hey everybody:

After travel and jet lag, I had the best day ever. One of those days that makes me love my job.

First I found one of my favorite people and singer songwriters, Imani Uzuri, on MySpace. I downloaded her album and spent the next hour dancing around my hotel room to her song Sun Moon Child.

Then I did a little shopping at my favorite on-line kids shop, I'm such a sucker for all those cute baby clothes and toys, and besides, Carina, the owner, is just the nicest person.

Then I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by the very wonderful Santita Jackson on her show on WVON in Chicago. Baby Love, Baby Love, and more Baby Love. I really loved the callers.

Hanging out with 1600 powerful, inspiring women at the 30th anniversary of Women's Way was definitely the highlight. Governor Ed Rendell, Ellie Smeal and I had an armchair discussion about the history and future of women's movement toward equality. It was fun, stimulating, and enlightening. Many thanks to all involved, especially Adrienne, who took care of me at the event. I hope to see you all again soon.

I missed the Republican debate, but I like David Gergen's take: Why are all the candidates talking about abortion, gay rights and the war when they need to be talking about global warming, overhauling the school system to compete with China and India, and a health care system in a state of collapse. I would add family leave, excellent and affordable childcare, and accessible, functional mental health support for every American.

Leave women alone, let people love who they want, and stop killing people. Sounds good to me.

Peace and love,


Blogger K2 said...


Thanks so much for being at the Women's Way dinner---you were one of the highlights for me, I am inspired.



Blogger Alisa said...

I also wanted to thank you for participating at the Women's Way dinner this week. It was certainly the highlight for me. Your calm and collected way of getting Governor Rendell to be conscious of the way he started to dominate the conversation on the panel, and encouraging the many second wave mothers to listen to their daughters and try to get us to talk to each other, were two of my favorite moments of the night.

I loved meeting you briefly at your signing table. I'm thoroughly enjoying your book, and though my husband and I are only in the "trying" stage of pregnancy, I feel so many connections with the things you write. I find it amazing and frightening how much I want a baby; something that I didn't have any interest in until my late teens after embracing my bisexuality.

I have a feeling that I may spend the rest of the day finishing your book and then handing it over to my husband. Thanks so much. I hope to hear you speak again soon.

Blogger LiteraryAquarian said...

You know, the presidential debates scare me. I saw a brief clip of the Republican debate and what disgusted me was the fact that the panel looked the same today, as it did say 50 years ago.
The only two additions to the Democratic ticket are Hilary and Barack, in my happiest political dream, I see those two wising-up and becoming running mates in 2008. This time around, seperatist mentality will only pull this country further apart and guarantee another Republican president.
I'm glad that you are healthy, and well, and that the family is doing good also.

Literary Aquarian


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