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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back at it...

Hey everyone,

Since the last comment on the blog was, "Why have you stopped blogging?"I figure I better get to it, even in the midst of motherhood, writing, travel, and teaching in far flung places.

I'm just back from teaching a wonderful writing workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand that inspired me to inaugurate a yearly workshop in Hawaii. I've found the perfect space, the perfect masseuse (Thai massage was a big help in the writing process, lol) and I'm looking forward to letting you all know more about it soon. I'm debating between holding it in December or July. Let me know what you think.

After visiting Cambodia, I've been thinking about the war in the Middle East. When America pulled out of Cambodia, millions had no protection against being slaughtered in a vicious civil war. Of course I am against war, but we also have to consider how many lives would be lost if we pull out without a plan to protect the people made so vulnerable by our initiation of the war in the first place. We have to plan for stopping war and protecting those who face unspeakable devastation once it is in motion. That's my thinking at the moment anyway, very different from how I felt about war before I went to Cambodia.

On another front, letters about Baby Love continue to be AMAZING and make me very, very proud. Lots of moms and dads writing about similar experiences, and tackling the subject of ambivalence. Others urge me to reconcile with my mother, and many admire my ability to take healthy distance. I understand both views, and continue to defy the notion that suffering is inherently redemptive and that freedom from injurious circumstances is ill-advised.

Of course, I'm always open to anything that makes the world a better place.

Much aloha from here,



Blogger so damn random! said...

I am so glad to see you back in the blogsphere!

Blogger Adrianna said...

I agree that we have to a have a plan to protect those we have already involved.
Will you be planning on having any writing workshops in California? Also, how can I get involved in taking a course?
Glad to hear you are back!


Blogger Micaela said...

Having no idea where to begin, I will say this...I just finished Baby Love and am SO grateful to my cousin-in-law for having shared her copy with me. All I really want to say is "Thank You!" For the honesty, I thank you!
I am an adoptee, a brand new mom (our son Robeson--a beautiful bi-racial boy was born December 26th) and, although to the outside I am strong and together, I have struggled.

Baby Love allowed me a few moments to decompress and feel all that I have been through--long ago and right now.

The only thing more beautiful than your prose is your courage to be honest. If I went through every reference that resonated for me, this would take on epic proportions. Suffice it to say you are so right, just so damn right!

Beyond the Bradley Method (which didn't work for me--I jumped into the face of my 6'6" husband and demanded he forget all that I taught him to say to me if I requested an epidural), beyond "Bringing Baby Home" and the wisdom in teaching a sympatico of a couple embarking on the journey of becoming a family, it is my hublest of opinions that BABY LOVE should be mandated (okay, that might be too extreme) reading for all who are trying to have healthy and whole children or supporting those who are.

Perhaps this is merely perfect timing? But, I am freer, lighter more alive today as a result of knowing there is a kindred soul who had the courage to share the intimacies of facing herself in the interest of her child.

Thank you Tracy for sending the book--I was still too numb and stuck to have gone out and found it (but I will buy my own copy). It was just right on time.

Thank you Rebecca for your profound courage and honesty. It was just right.

And thank you to our babies--our beautiful, perfect babies--may you know how much you are loved and wanted. Right!

Blogger Sudy said...

It is wonderful to see Baby Love so well received.

You are a moving spirit in this world, thank you for your memoirs.


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