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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Things I Love

Well, since I'm getting serious about blogging and am always at a loss for things to blog about, a friend this morning told me that since I'm such a freak about things being just so, I should do one or two blogs a week featuring a thing I love/crave/need. Sounds good, right?

Well, I have about thirty seconds before I fall out from playground-induced exhaustion, so today I'm featuring this incredible stuff called FIT.

I'm the one who is always complaining about the wax and pesticides on everything, and so to me this is like, I don't know, the equivalent of a big diamond ring or something.

Now that I've found FIT, I spray it on everything, including blueberries and kale, even though it's kind of awkward. This morning, I sprayed it on my Asian pear, which instantly became soft, clean and infinitely more eater-friendly.

FIT. Get it. Try it. It's a thing I love.

What do you love?


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Blogger LuciaD said...

One thing I love is your book, "baby love". I just finished it on my lunch break.

Thank you for sharing another portion of your life with us. It is nice to read others' perspectives on the whole motherhood/prenatal issue. I am getting ready to have a scheduled C-Section next Friday and wondered all through the book if I was doing as much as I should be doing for this baby like I did with my first.

Many blessings.


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