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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Come to Cassis!

Hey everyone,

I'm thrilled to invite you to what may be one of the greatest writing workshops ever! I'm very excited to be teaching this one. The south of France is one of my all-time favorite places, and the Camargo Foundation is an institution I've admired for some time. The faculty is outstanding, and, well, what can I say? Fun and edification will be had by all.

Please come read and write with me! RSVP immediately.

I've got lots to report, but I'm up late doing an interview with Marie Claire Italia, and I've promised it to them before end of business in Rome, which is in fifteen minutes.

Speaking of Marie Claire, check out my essay and pic in this month's issue. For those of you with kids and no time to waste searching through a pile of mags at the doctor's office, Jennifer Garner is on the cover. My editor, Ying Chu, did an amazing job editing the section. It's all about the ways people alter themselves in the name of beauty, and what it takes to love the skin you're in.

Peace and love forever and ever,

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Obsessions of the Day


I have no idea if anyone will ever read my blogs, but I'm now inspired to write at least once a day. Am I getting the blogging bug?

So my fixations today include finishing a piece for the UK Guardian about my favorite feminist books (I'll post when I'm finished), making the perfect chocolate protein smoothie, and being amazed that my son actually played by himself in his room this morning until 10 am!

In the outside world, I've been seduced by a few items: I got a response to my last post from Jennifer James and went to one of her several blogs, Breastfeeding for Black Moms. LOVE IT! Check out her dead-on post about the problematic logo for Mom's Rising.

Item number two: John Patrick's Organic clothing line. Beautiful, deceptively simple clothes with an ethical evolution. I happened upon this incredibly soft, wearable little dress and fell in love. I wrote JP a note and he wrote back from the jungle where he is supporting organic cotton farmers. Check out this interview.

Number three: this Columbia Business School interview with Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson, who has had his hand in more internet endeavors than you can shake a adapter cord at. He's talking about Web 2.0 and the future of the internet. Food for thought as we move into the next stage of what this thing called the internet can do for us.

That's it for today. Hope everyone is happy, eating organic fruit, and planning for the future!

Peace and love for ever and ever,


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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Little Bear

Mommy Update:

The TV choices for the under three set in our house are limited to Handy Manny, Caillou, and Little Bear, and of the three Little Bear is def my go-to show. Even though I feel mommy-guilt about putting Tenzin in front of the TV, sometimes I just have to get a break, and that's when I offer up the on-demand episodes of Little Bear. I always get an ecstatic reaction. Tenzin wants to know if he can watch Little Bear in bed, if he can have grape juice and a snack while watching, and whether one, two, or all three of his piggies can watch with him.

I say yes to all, grateful that he's not begging for Handy Manny, a good enough show that I like more than most (it's bilingual!), but sometimes no matter how smart and nice and great at fixing things Handy Manny is, the show still seems to rely on the noble savage trope a bit too much. And then there's the white guy on Handy Manny, Mr. Lophart, a caricature of the uptight white person and the butt of all of the jokes in each episode. It's some kind of strange revenge/reversal thing in which the white guy always looks like an idiot. Not so into that.

But even that's better than Caillou, the PBS show that makes me NUTS. Tenzin loves it but the kid is kind of whiny, the mom wears some kind of shapeless sack, and no matter what Caillou does --drop his sister, kick the dog, scream at the top of his lungs at his parents (okay I'm exaggerating)--his mom and dad just say, Oh Caillou, you're so silly. It's great that Caillou has a black friend, Clementine, and a deaf friend who comes over to play, but on the holiday episode I put on for Tenzin the other day, there were cursory cuts to Clementine celebrating Kwanzaa, and another kid celebrating Chanukah, and then it was all Santa, complete with snow and chimneys and of course, the ultimate lure: PRESENTS. There's nothing wrong with Christmas, but if Tenzin wants to be Christian when he grows up, I'd rather it not be because he wants presents at Christmas like "all the other kids".

Now Little Bear is, in my humble opinion, a gem of a show. It's about a bear, his immediate bear family, and all of his animal friends, including duck, owl, hen, and my personal favorite, Frog, who is Buddha'd out on his lily pad and says Om a lot. The show is paced pretty slow, and the animals are all nice and treat each other with respect. There's not a lot conflict and story lines revolve around something imaginative and benign, like Little Bear trying to find a dandelion fluff so he can make a wish (he wishes for a piece of chocolate cake), and Duck losing her quack and trying to find it all over the forest.

But the best indication of the show's value is Tenzin's face after he's seen it. He comes running to me, giggling and happy. Can I watch another Little Bear, he asks, looking into my eyes with his mischievous grin. Please?

What are your kids watching, and what do you think about it?


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Things I Love

Well, since I'm getting serious about blogging and am always at a loss for things to blog about, a friend this morning told me that since I'm such a freak about things being just so, I should do one or two blogs a week featuring a thing I love/crave/need. Sounds good, right?

Well, I have about thirty seconds before I fall out from playground-induced exhaustion, so today I'm featuring this incredible stuff called FIT.

I'm the one who is always complaining about the wax and pesticides on everything, and so to me this is like, I don't know, the equivalent of a big diamond ring or something.

Now that I've found FIT, I spray it on everything, including blueberries and kale, even though it's kind of awkward. This morning, I sprayed it on my Asian pear, which instantly became soft, clean and infinitely more eater-friendly.

FIT. Get it. Try it. It's a thing I love.

What do you love?


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Monday, September 03, 2007

Getting (more) serious about blogging

Okay, well. I've been reading blogs for the last three hours, which means that either the baby is napping or it's four in the morning. 4:15 am to be exact.

I know I say this every six months or so, but I can't believe how MANY blogs there are, especially about motherhood and womanhood and sex and sexuality and, well, I guess anything you're looking for. And what I can't believe even more is how much blog-surfing is like going fishing in the universal ocean, or shopping at the Barney's Warehouse sale. You start one place not knowing where you're going or what you need, and then you end up somewhere absolutely essential and feel so grateful you made the trip.

Tonight I started at mamazine and from there went to hipmama which of course led me to ArielGore, who just had a baby boy after at least a decade and a half of writing about her first baby, Maia. Then I found the blog of Gayle Brandeis, which included not only an important article about the writer Taslima Nasrin being attacked, but a beautiful, haunting, resonant Grace Paley poem.I was glad to find the poem, because Grace just died and I already miss her. I saw her last at a reading from Black, White and Jewish during a residency at Dartmouth; I remember that it was cold, and that her presence warmed me tremendously.

There were many others blogs along the way, like Object, that spoke to me, but I think for tonight, I was supposed to find Grace and say goodbye to her myself, in the quiet space of night-time tapping and tired-mama dreaming.

Goodbye Grace.

With love and gratitude,


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