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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard

The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard

So a few weeks ago, Katrin Sandberg from ZenTV in Sweden wrote me an email asking for an interview. She was in LA and I was in Hawaii but I told her I'd love to talk to her, and could she find a way to come over?

She did.

Today I got in my truck (we use ethanol here!) and drove down from the volcano into the lush jungle of Haiku, down a little dirt road into a beautiful dharma temple filled with Buddhas and views of the ocean from every spot. All bamboo, all sustainable, one hundred per cent off the grid.

Kartin and I talked for a couple of hours and then Kutira, who created the amazing eco-retreat, came in and we spent some time talking about, what else, Obama and Hillary and changing the world. We all agreed that we wanted an Obama-Clinton ticket, or a Clinton-Obama ticket. Then Kutira said she had to show me an amazing short video.

And so we sat in the bamboo temple with wind blowing and the ocean crashing, watching this little video on her Mac (solar powered, of course).

I know everyone is talking about elections, Kenya, and Britney Spears, but here's another way to look at the whole situation. Smart, educational, and empowering, The Story of Stuff is good for the whole human family.

Thanks Katrin, for moving with it. Thanks Kutira, for being open. Big day.

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Blogger LiteraryAquarian said...

You know, I hate it when I post a blog and no one comments, so with that being said. This reminds me of the consumerism in our country. I hate "stuff", just the idea of too many "things" and not enough simplicity. This also brings to mind the excessive over-packaging of goods in this country. Foam packaging and latex that can't easily be recycled. I think about the number of cigarette butts in this world and I instantly become disturbed. Now, as for the description of your neighborhood, I must say, you probably are in heaven every morning you wake-up?

Blogger Rebecca Walker said...

hawaii is beautiful, but paradise is complicated. cultural issues, development catastrophes, the destruction of a whole population. expensive gas, costco, walmart, terrible schools. in many ways it is colonization 101.

but there are also waterfalls and beautiful beaches (which is why it is colonization 101) and lots and lots of pineapples. and hawaii will be the first state to use all renewable energy.


Blogger LiteraryAquarian said...

I remember reading for the first time that you moved to Hawaii. My first thought was to email you and tell you about the shock you may be in once you discover the history of what is now a part of the United States. I talked to a lot of API folks in college and heard both sides of it. My college mentor visited and told me about the large numbers of native land folks that are living in extreme poverty. Beaches that only tourists-and no native islanders-are allowed on. High prices, and gentrification abound. Hmm...I smell another book brewing Ms.Rebecca!!! ; )
I know about Wal Mart, but what about Costco???


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