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Friday, January 18, 2008

Writer Alice Walker Endorses Barack Obama


My mom's made up her mind...



Anonymous AYo aka SouL said...

Your mother's work has meant so much to me over the years. As a Korean American adoptee in a white family, her works have been my solace at times when I felt no one understood.

I am interested to read your opinions because I consider myself transracial, and therefore find your biracial, 3rd wave perspective pertinent to my life. Thank you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this and cried as I watched because Everything I've felt in my heart was finally put into perfect words! THANK YOU Dearly! I plan to make sure everyone I'm in contact with has the chance/priviledge to watch/listen while we kick the doors down with truth and dignity.

Kind regards,


Blogger LiteraryAquarian said...

This is totally off the topic but I think it is so cute to have your Mum on your blog. I bet you five jolly ranchers she is a regular to your page and reads every word you write on your blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I apologise if I make grammatical errors, beacuse like jacklq, I'm writing this with my eyes "brimming" with tears. I am not an American but I am here studying and just came across this on your blog! Totally moving piece!! After witnessing the debacle we call campaigning in the last couple weeks your mom reassured me that there are African-American who believe that African-Americans can be great leaders! Blessings

Blogger Miriam said...

Oh wow! Alice Walker endorses Obama!

I have only recently learned about Mz. Walker and about black feminism. I'm very VERY new at all this but I am itching to buy her books.

Thanks for this info.

Blogger Miriam said...

but I thought that Obama's 'spiritual advisor' is very anti-semetic. Is that not so?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For far too long now, the Whitehouse has only been occupied by two families... Bush and Clinton. Surely we can do better than that this time around. As a Democrate, I am voting for REAL change toward the future -not Changing back to the past! Barack Obama has earned my respect to move us forward and I am confident that our Country will come together and realize that we deserve more than just sequels.


Blogger Rebecca Walker said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

why did you remove your comment posted 1/27th? i'm dying to know your thoughts.


Blogger Rebecca Walker said...

I was just laughing out loud about how much people love my mother and how deep it is that even though we are estranged, when I put her up, her post gets the most responses. Story of my life! Also was trying to put a link to my book, Baby Love, for balance.

Blogger Michelle O'Neil said...

That's quite an endorsment.

Who will Rebecca endorse?

BTW...Love her sweet dog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rebecca, we love your mother and we love you too. I saw you in Raleigh many years ago and was one of the many older women there who hugged you with tears in my eyes because I was blessed and delighted by your words. I am thankful for both of the very thoughtful and wise Walker women.

Peace and Blessings


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