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Friday, March 21, 2008

Being Biracial: Curse or Blessing?

Being Biracial: Curse or Blessing?

An article I'm in today. What do you think?



Anonymous Chris said...

Wow. Okay, I could honestly only read the beginning and had to skip down to your comments. The language used in the beginning makes Obama sound confused and some type of Affirmative Action baby. I was abhored by what I read. In addition, how can that Steele guy say there's no such thing as a bi-racial card but then accuse Obama of playing that card? Why question the card game if there are no cards?

Rebecca, your comments definetly hit the spot. Being simply one identity does not acknowledge an individual's struggles like Steele said later in the article. (Did Steele read your book?) It limits a person's identity as a whole. Like you stated, being open to a person's mutiple identities is a new dialec that we have not experienced. People in our country are focused on being one thing and put a hyphen in the identity. In some cases, like me, you, Obama, and many others, we have more than one hyphen.


Blogger Ms. Hamsa said...

I thought the article was a rather simplistic attempt to explain something as complex as a biracial identity.

I have to agree with Steele’s assertion that Obama is the only person who sees Obama as a biracial person. He is viewed (mainly because of his physical appearance) as a black man; he sees himself as a black man (see Dreams from My Father), and he has been treated by whites and blacks as such.

Maybe Obama’s desire to make sense of his own identity makes it possible for him to move America in the direction of a “more perfect union.”


Blogger John said...

Before people start agreeing with Shelby Steele, maybe they should take a look at where the man is coming from. As it is, doesn't he benefit by being a Black conservative to be used at the appropriate time? If be begin questioning identity, what will happen to the likes of Mr Steele?

Reading this piece reminded me that not all bi-racial people are God(esse)s. Us bi-anythings aren't always right on everything? Man!

To me, it is all generational, as Steele is a boomer and Obama an X'er. We ain't ideologues, you know. We happen to be a tribe of consensus builders with feet in many places. You see, as I am writing this comment, there is below the text box the words "Choose an identity". No, no, no, I am SO over that.

Anonymous biracial said...

All I know is that biracial people have been talking about taking over the world for some time now (see: Biracial World Domination - ) and it looks like Barack Obama is just claiming whatever racial heritage he needs in order to further their goals.


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