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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Feminist Law Professors

Feminist Law Professors

Hey people!

Here are some interesting perspectives on yours truly.

What do you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

forgive me, but i'm not sure i understand why they feel that way about you. could you explain?


Blogger Jessica said...

What I find interesting of Ann Bartow’s piece is that she attacks your Feminist Infighting response to Jessica Valenti and doesn’t mention Jessica Valenti’s article, The Sisterhood Split.

I guess the real question is can a feminist openly critique the feminist movement, feminism, or feminisms without being accused of hating other feminists? For Ann Bartow it seems not, considering her title … "Rebecca Walker on “Why Feminists Stink and I Hate Them”."

It really is too bad because without critiques, asserted and with actions pursued, how can a movement change and adapt to new ideas and appeal to a new generation.

Anonymous nicole said...

i agree with you Jessica. it's interesting to read the comments on there, and the post. such strong reactions they have to Rebecca's opinions.

and yet they still seem to miss the point of what she's said. they almost personify the very issues she was addressing! lol

Blogger Magenta said...

The immaturity of Bartow's voice shows a great need for dialogue because their seems to be a fun house mirror within a mirror happening. What I gathered on your piece was that one should continue a process of engaging and revaluating in a movement and the various constiuents by generation need not be so set in defending what they helped create but rather recognize the trajectory and grace of a process-oriented Feminism still in need of a great deal of scaffolding.

I do feel troubled when people write they are trying not to "hate you" because while I don't always agree with the way you present things, I feel you are open to dialogue and an authentic conversaton. No one should expect you to speak for or slam you on Feminism as a whole, no matter your history. I feel you are inviting our eyes to turn inward and look at our own critiques. Ann Bartow could just as easily posted the thoughts she did along with constructive feedback that would open rather than cement up her ability to reorient to another's experience. The was no real substance or alternative offered in her post so there isn't much to comment on except her frustration which I can understand but I'd invite more constructive commentary.

In the same way, I hope you will hear this kindly and respond to her complaints here constructively as the initial invitiation to check out the article felt like you were rallying your readers to defend you.

Blogger urB'n sKoLa said...

Well Ms. Walker,

They have pretty words to offer, even if lacking the substance I would have expected when addressing that detailed and precise a critique. I have to agree with Magenta about Bartow's tone. It is as if the entire argument you made went completely over her and Diane's head.

I also agree with Magenta on his/her point about introspection being key, but I think it's a concept lost on folks who believe that because they are well versed on one kind of oppression that they don't still need to constantly asses whether they are, and where they are, oppressive to others.

If they (Ms. Bartow and Diane) could see themselves, really see themselves, or at minimum take a step back from their deep entrenchment in the "protextion of Feminism" your critiques wouldn't come across as offensive. PERIOD.

That may be where I think Magenta parted ways. So I turn replexively to you Magenta:What is understandable about their frustration?

While I haven't yet experienced what Magenta describes as not "always agree[ing] with the way you present things," admittedly I haven't yet been able to review your body of work. So far I am in agreement and am actually glad to have someone speak with eloquence and assertiveness about positions I hold myself.

urB'n skoLa

Anonymous Victoria Marinelli said...

The first post made me furious - what a gross mischaracterization.

But what I find hilarious is the fact that they use only part of one of your mother's quotes: No person is your friend who demands your silence.

When of course the entire quote is No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.

Seems metaphorically apt, that they'd cut off that specific part. You being cast as respresenting third wave "growth" and all that.

Blogger Magenta said...

eI was just reading Reweaving the Web of Life: Feminism and Nonviolence today and so perhaps I know more of what I meant to say in response to the above than I did a few days ago...My thought about frustration being understandable was more in response to the collective frustration to a seemingly changeless history (upon first glace) wherein one would expect someone like Rebecca to either have all the answers or be a disappointment to the "Cause" of a holistic Feminism. For me it is irrelevant to invalidate someone's expressed frustration or anger but rather ask for a more critical inquiry as to the roots of it.

There are not simply two sides here and I prefer to hold a third and see what constructive analysis could come of such a space - frustation is understandable because at the end of the we all want a better world, a just, pliable world- and we want that as fast as we can and it seems sometimes we one can lash out at the person who is in fact rowing the same boat.

While one can be critical and desire to flesh out another's argument, Ms.Bartow and Ms. Walker are not neccesarily opposing as they are after the same work. So, it is really about how we come to that work and how we are willing to appreciate the respective spaces of clarity and restlessness.


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