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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Has Hillary Clinton's Campaign Caused a Feminist Reawakening? -- New York Magazine



Blogger zelda said...

If Hillary lived her life and ran a campaign even half as mature and respectful as Senator Barack Obama, there would be none of these characterizations of her by the public. We first see her as a woman, and then as a person. Therefore, we question if it that is why she is being treated this way. Does she not mock Obama behind his back and say she is his friend in his face? No matter what her gender or race might be, people who act that way get what they deserve.

Anonymous CNellie said...

The Fourth Wave already? Well, I am ready. I am ready to become part of any movement that demands of women to become conscious of there surroundings. Women, like many oppressed groups of people, have become complacent at some level. They may have been blessed with good careers and material wealth and thus become to numb or afraid to speak out and say anything negative about the dominant society. Maybe that is my luck. I am on the bottom and I see everything. I do not have a great career or even a career for that matter but a series of piss-ant, shit work type jobs that pay nothing even though I have an undergraduate degree and pursuing a master's degree. I really do not care who I piss off. I have pissed off a few employers when I defended coworkers who were treated unjustly. I have defended my self. When I have seen blatant xampls of discrimination in the workplace I spoke up and did not give one shit if I got written up because I new there was another shit-job around the corner.

Women are still afraid to speak up. Young women are afraid to speak their minds because they still want the "boys" to like them. Women are afraid to speak up because they do not want to offend their fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, boyfriends, bosses, coworkers, classmates. I have even been hushed by other women because they did not want to offend the menfolk. A woman does not have to do much to offend the menfolk. She may have an opinion, say "no", earn a great salary, obtain a degree, wear pants, play a sport, open her own bank account, even voting.

Women even offend other women, but something in the air is telling me that women across all age groups are coming into consciousness. It may not be feminist consciousness, but consciousness. Consciousness is "tugging at all our skirts" as we begin to watch the primaries unravel.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think Hillary's campaign has caused a feminist awakening because there is just too much baggage with Bill. But it has shown how deep middle aged woman hating is in this country. The press has attacked her like nobody's business and I don't think it is just because she can be abrasive at times. They attack the way she dresses, how she speaks, etc. It impresses me how much crap she takes and still keeps coming. I do want to vote for Obama because I am curious to see if he can move our country to a better place and I don't want to see the Dems lose to Repubs again because we self destruct under petty identity politics (plus many repubs are planning to vote Obama- surprisingly, or maybe not because I do think he appears more white collar that Hillary, even if Hill has money her tactics are scrappy and less finessed).But sadly I am not a huge fan of either candidate- Hillary seems like she will do anything to win she wants it so bad and Barack seems a little too savior-esque (he is just a politician- a historic one, but still not jesus). It will be interesting to see how this plays out- I just hope that they don't screw each other overand while the Dems struggle, McCain comes in with A Rove-esque blanket and annihilates easily due to the split.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fourth wave? We're still in the second wave, which will end with Hillary's loss to Obama. Yes, I know that you founded a group called the third wave, but I don't think the younger generation of activists have changed society the way the suffragists and the 60s feminists did. What I see now is an attempt to collapse racism and sexim into one category, as if there is no distinction between racism and sexism. In this scenario women's issues get entangled in arguments over race and ultimately ignored. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing young ignorant 'feminists' trashing Gloria Steinem.

We need a third wave, one that includes all women, and one that focuses on sexism.

Blogger littlehouse said...

Lets be clear here - feminism has as many faces as there are women (and ages, anon.) all of which have differing approaches to the question of representation and 'equality'. Its sad to hear this 'generation' lumped together as failures to produce the type of ground shattering radicalism the commenter above credits the 60's movement with. As in all things we need to listen to the wisdom of our mothers and our children. No change can happen if the un-heralded, un-celebrated work of thousands over the generations hasn't built the foundations- if the movement is not as you wish then get more involved, don't step back and lament days past. We are all responsible for change.
As for Senator Clinton she is as much as feminist as any one, in such an impossible position of being the strong, hard headed leader (so there might be a chance of America taking her seriously as a possible president)a strong campaigner for woman's rights (to win the American woman’s vote on the left so needed for the nomination)and seemingly to also display some kind of traditional, soft, motherly appeal (so there might be a chance of Americans taking her seriously as a woman..?)
But here's where I feel so sad. While struggling to fill all these roles she has overlooked a failure in the most basic way. She has run a cruel, underhanded and second rate campaign. This has noting to do with her gender; it’s an issue of humanity in politics.
Obama sadly upholds more of what I consider to be core feminist ideals of justice, hope, radical change and ethical informed debate than the woman herself. Shame on you Hilary.
Now that’s the longest comment I have ever written on someone’s blog! Thanks for hangin' in there!! I obviously need to turn it into my own post.....


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