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Friday, April 18, 2008

Hillary, Sexism, and the History of Women's Rights



Anonymous Chauntee' Renaud said...

In response to the article I can honestly say from my perspective that I am aware of the Obamia "mania" that is sweeping this generation of women and whites in general. I believe that so many liberals are so uncomfortable with a woman in power that they feel relieved to have a black male candidate to root for. For one, they can fulfill the liberal duty of voting for a black man, and on the other hand keep the woman in check. I am suspcious of this Obama mania. I am a Hillary supporter and at the same time I am proud of Barack for coming so far. I remember wearing my "Hillary for President" button on Super Tuesday and received strange and questioning looks from both whites and blacks, men and women. From the way I see it, men and women are afraid of a woman in power because men feel that they are losing serious ground, and women will lose patriarchal approval and will no longer be considered special ornaments that have magical superpowers that include service and housework. But where are women of color in all this? Do we even exist? Are we truly the "mules of the world" (Hurston) here to work quietly and be overlooked? My suspicions are raised when discussions of feminism are held and there is either no participation of women of color or no mention of women of color. When we discuss feminism and politcs, race and class belong in that discussion. Were women of color asked to participate and contribute commentary? Most likely not. What a shame.


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