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Saturday, April 19, 2008

YouTube - Sexism, Misogyny, Women's History & Hillary Clinton



Anonymous Chauntee' Renaud said...

I am still burning after viewing the video clip. I never thought I would see the day when mysogeny beats out racism. It is unfortunate that the same people who condemn racism uphold sexism. In reviewing in article posted in the blog (can't remember the exact title) but when the author was describing in detail how a male friend of hers explains how everytime he hears Hillary Clinton's voice he wants to punch her in the face. I almost cried. I am a woman who has been punched in her face because she "didnt keep her mouth shut" and submit, whether the man was my boyfriend or male relative. I almost cried because I did not realize that Hillary Clinton could be so vulnerable, so vulnerable that men fantasize about punching her in the face.

As an activist and a feminist I often speak in academic and social circles about the atrocities abroad such as genital mutilation as if it were a problem affecting "those" women. I say "those" because they are so far away that I cannot help them. I then realized that there is a form of mutilation that is occurring here in this country. Everyday in this country women are being mutilated physically through various forms of violence, mentally, economically, spiritually, politically, publicly (through the media), and socially. It is clear that no woman is exempt from this and Hillary Clinton as an educated, white, and wealthy woman has been made an example of this.

When Don Imus made his comments I was disgusted with him but even more disgusted with the black male rappers that he was mimicking. I was more disgusted when I learned of a black comedian who jokingly stated that "none of the black girls had perms" and they were in fact "nappy ho's". There is clearly no respect for the black woman or the black girl by black men. It seems that when black men have an opportunity to get in front of a camera or on a mike he uses every opportunity to degrade and "dog" the black woman. I honestly believe that black women as a whole should isolate themselves from black men who have proven to be poisonous when given the smallest ounce of power. It just may be too late for education in the black community.

Anonymous dumbwhore said...

You know, misogyny and racism don't have an OR relationship. You're not either for women or for race equality. You can be both.

And you're doing a real injustice to feminism when you attempt to compare physical mutilation with cultural ideals being crappy. Most smart people are always three generations ahead of current cultural norms. That may never change. But irreparably harming someone's bodily functions is absolutely torture. And finally, to compare mutilation with politics is pure insanity. Politics is a dirty game, everyone knows it, you don't get into it if you don't like a little dirt on your hands. And that's just it, Hillary wants to be a part of this circus, the girl in Africa who's "becoming a woman" by being hacked up with a dirty knife, is probably not so damn hot on the idea. One is voluntary the other is obligatory.

Anonymous Chauntee' Renaud said...

In response to dumbwhore...

No one is saying that you have to be either a racist or mysogenist. Feminists are not seeking to acknowledge that there is an either or relationship. When speaking of theoretical mutilation it was not intended for Hillary's choice of entering the political arena, it was meant at a philosphical level examining the hardship of women in this country who are suffering. who are being battered physically and sexually, being laughed out of court, and not receiving sufficient protection from our court system amongst all the other atrociies that women in this country safe. Do these women have a choice? We say they do, but we know they do not. If you, "dumbwhore" as you reference yourself, actually never mind. I cannot go on. Anyone who refers to him or herself as a "dumbwhore" probably is in serious need of Feminism 101. I give you my love, patience, and understanding.

Anonymous Anonymous said...,0,4333714.column

Devil in a Blue Dress, Julia Keller, May 18, 2008

"Revealed in the coverage of Clinton's campaign is the persistence of an ancient and distasteful cultural theme: the powerful, ambitious woman as cackling fiend, as fantastically terrifying ghoul threatening civilization. And because this creature (or "she-devil," as MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews called Clinton) is not human, the only solution is to kill it. Not just derail its career—obliterate it. Smash it to smithereens. Vaporize it. Leave not a trace of the foul beast behind..."


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