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Sunday, June 29, 2008

As More Women Start Companies, Husbands Work for Their Wives -

As More Women Start Companies, Husbands Work for Their Wives -

This conversation cuts to the heart of the matter: are you willing to give up control for a loving relationship?

How are you handling sharing power and money with the people you love?


Blogger urB'n sKoLa said...

Is that really the heart of th matter?

I couldn't help but want to re-read that entire article with the sexes of the partners switched, just to see how ridiculous/essentialist it would sound.

Am I reading too much into this?

Blogger Rebecca Walker said...

I think for me it cuts to the heart of the matter not just from a traditional feminist perspective, but from one that sees the issues of power as trans-gender--so the piece could be completely gender reversed, and still be important. I think the issue of sacrificing power in order to have a more harmonious life and world is where we are at. It is applicable to the environment, the economy, the question of war, and the intimacy of our own relationships. Who is willing to let go of power in the name of peace--are you, am I? I think about this every day.


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