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Hey everyone--here is a piece from Salon.

And my response:

To Phyllis Chesler and the Editors of Salon:

I know it is very disappointing to a faction within the feminist leadership that their candidate did not win the nomination. I feel for them, it is a devastating blow. But all is not lost. I believe Hillary and Obama will work out what is best for the country.

The major issue is how Hillary's supporters are going to recover from the statements made that an entire generation of young women are naive. Evidently, the people have spoken. The young women and their Second Wave allies who supported Obama have decided not go with those who offended them by calling them uninformed.

I note that Chesler does not bring up the significant contribution of my first book, To Be Real: Telling the Truth and Changing the Face of Feminism in her reflections, or my fifteen years of outreach at over five hundred universities on the subject of Third Wave feminism and its potential to work in real-time with feminists of Hillary's (and Chesler's) generation.

Instead, Chesler wants to draw in the personal differences I have with my mother. This appears to be opportunistic and ill-conceived. The fact is the piece to which she refers is an inaccurate tabloidization of an interview. No matter how much she would like to see the piece as factual and however sensational the article may appear, my father is not a descendant of Holocaust survivors, I never used the word fanatical to describe my mother's views, and so on.

Chelser's zeal to make comment is undermined by the fact that she did not take time to fact-check the so-called "essay" to which she refers. She has unwittingly used tabloid sensationalism to make an all too personal assessment of a situation with little bearing on the major national issues we should all be deeply concerned about.

My hope is that women of both parties will deepen their participation at the national level in a way that best represents what they feel will be good for women. I will continue to examine the relevance of Third Wave feminism and its relationship to women and men of Chesler's generation.

I hope the disappointment of those who supported Hillary's campaign will heal quickly, and in a way that avoids the kind of misguided commentary Chesler offers.

With optimism,
Rebecca Walker


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Blogger Carol said...

I read the awful piece by Chelser this past week and I was appalled. I even left a very strongly worded rebuttal in the comments section (which they never posted)in the dailymail online where I read the article. It was quite apparent that words were invented and history distorted in regards to the relationship with your Mom. This is the first time I've ever posted here, I hope that you don't mind! But I just wanted to let you know that those of us who have spent many years reading the work of your Mom, and yourself, know when we're encountering distortions such as Chesler wrote!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rebecca, I'm curious to know if you might direct me to the original interview that was sensationalized by the dailymail online. This article has been circulating in a class I'm taking, and I would like to set the story straight for my classmates if I could. It seems important to circulate the accurate information in place of the disinformation. --Jessica


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