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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Seeds : My Son the Artist

Seeds : My Son the Artist

Hey you guys,

This is one of my favorite blog posts so far...

Peace and love,


Blogger Martine said...

So I admit I'm a tiny bit sensitive to the subject of art and following ones passion and oddly have been all summer. This post made me cry just a bit! It was just lovely. I dunno...I ask the same questions and respond enthusiastically to anything children make because I want to leave doors and windows open to wherever it leads in their mind's eye. Though last week a four year old boy told me his wood blocks were a gun set and we talked and unfolded without me speaking for him that perhaps (thankfully) they could also be a bridge or a set of trees.

Your response reminds me of the intentional and innately spiritual reverence of Mr. Fred Rogers and his relationship to children in paying attention to detail. There is a great documentary on his life and there is a scene where he is speaking with a young child and they don't know they are being taped and he is simply asking about the colors she used in her painting and listening carefully. A minister off screen, Fred often said that the space between the television/page/art and a child is holy space and his job was to transmit as much care and heart as possible, to be a force of good.

Maybe Tenzin will draw a tree or a few lizards and begin to ask questions about the soil he drew. I'm sure you'll be right there for action research and a backyard experiential adventure to see what biologists could dream up after they draw their visions out.

...And perhaps your next book tour could double as a photo exhibit? ;-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. What happened to The Root? Is it no longer online? Gracias.

Anonymous Kahlil Crawford said...

Thank U 4 This.



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