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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Clinton Democrats My “Catharsis”

Clinton Democrats My “Catharsis”

Hey beautiful ones,

I'm writing a piece on the convention and in researching, I found the Puma site, with pieces like these.


Blogger Rory said...

Yes, a bit extremist. I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Blogger Anika said...

WOW is right! it seems the author got picked last for dodgeball teams every single time!

Talk about a hater playing a politically critical blogger playing a republican playing a democrat...Why does he use Barry? Can he not read? He lost my repect the second I read the disrespect in his p.o.v.

It's sad to me when anyone needs a white male supporter of armed force at any cost to represent them, feel safe...I cracked up when he mentioned that we're "winning" in i continue to send prayers up for everyone locked into the armed struggle there.

I picked up a line watching an Af Am Republican caucus this weekend. Similarly I found the dialogue unbelieveably misguided and anger-filled..folks claimed "evil" as a real enemy, a main factor in their electoral decision-making, and then personified it by saying Obama is a supporter of this "evil"..I for one have tangible problems and root causes..I'd like to blame "evil" for threatening abortion rights, and causing troop surge's but I just feel silly doing it! Doesn't everyone...
Anyhow, the line that stuck was "Whomever makes you angry, controls you."
With this thought in mind I am fearless in the face of bloggers such as Ryan. Let them rithe in a tissy while we proceed towards much needed change in our home country...But 49% of Hillary supporters with anti-Obama sentiment will likely vote for McCain? That's a little scary.
RW, can you confirm this percentage?

Anonymous mignon said...

Well,Donna Brazille notwithstanding (is it two l's or one?), I do see their point. While we're talking about Donna, she actually did say that about folks who don't vote for Obama, which doesn't really seem very democratic, but thereya go.

It'd be nice, though, if we could stop seeing all of these sorts of things. I just saw Michelle speak, and she was beautiful. I am truly a Hillary fan, but I tell you, after that perfect speech (where I cried -- who knew that viewing such a historical moment could affect one in such a way?), and watching Uncle Teddy up there (boy, talk about a crybaby moment!) I have no problem jumping on board.


There's a couple of things, just politically, that could have made things easier for Barack with this problem. For instance, who was the bright soul who told the campaign to not even act like they were vetting Hillary Clinton? And to release that lovely information on the eve of the naming of the pick? Of course that was going to upset people, and it was a simple gaffe they could have avoided, just as the Dukakis campaign avoided upsetting Jesse Jackson's people by "vetting" him for the Vice Presidency when he ran.
That, on top of the fact that he's talked to pretty much every other Democrat in power except her or Bill on his V.P. choice, well, it's hard to believe that there isn't a LITTLE bit of "in your face" going on. Bill was our last two-term president since the forties, for god's sake. Yet his opinion isn't good enough? Nor is Hillary's? He got the opinion of John Edwards, but not Hillary? See where I'm going? (smile)

I'll vote for him, of course. Even if I thought he was horrible, he's still not going to overturn Roe v. Wade. But I do think there's a definite disrespect going on -- and I do think it has more to do with "new politics," in which the Obama campaign doesn't feel the need to "smooth things over" with the Old Guard.
Incidentally, he also had this moment when he (or his campaign) wasn't willing to provide street money, a known practice in the Philadelphia streets, mostly used to get people to the polls. The excuse at the time was that it was "new politics" -- they were doing thing in a new way. Doesn't mean old folks still don't need a way to get to the polls.

My five cents worth. (smile)



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