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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tweeting for Obama: Yes. You. Can. Again.


So everyone says I should blog more.

I'm humbled to hear my blogs contain multitudes, but now I'm on Twitter and I realize that right now, fifty-five days before Election Day, it's all about brevity.

It's about the microblog. The fragment. The word.

And the words yesterday were: Yes. We. Did.

Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for the President of the United States.

Yes. We. Did.

But now, we have to do it again.

So get on Twitter, follow Obama, and start retweeting his tweets, and tweeting your own personal and condensed version of his tweets. Because the words of today are:

Yes. We. Can.


Remember what McCain told supporters when protesters broke out during his speech? "Don't pay attention to the static"?

That Palin mess? STATIC.

"What if Obama loses"? STATIC.

The "poll of all polls"? STATIC.

Pondering whether John McCain has a point. A plan. A mind. STATIC. STATIC. STATIC.

This is not the time to forget about the two hundred thousand people in Berlin, Ted Kennedy taking his place at the podium, or sobbing after the Invesco speech. This is not the time to forget about how much we love Michelle and the girls, or how much Joe Biden's family loves him.

Loyalty is not shaken by a stick or a smile. True intelligence refuses to be undermined by cheap theatrics.

Yes. We. Can.

This is the time to remember. It's been a long fight, but real players know it's all about the endgame, the final moments, the sprint home.

Yes. We. Can.

Believe it.

Tweet it.

Yes. You. Can.


I'll meet you there.





Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes we can and we will.

Philly Girl

Blogger Ananda said...

this was so on. i needed it. tyou. microblog peace and love. ananda

Blogger Paige said...

Where are your twitters? The microsphere needs you too.


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