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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

History of Feminism in the United States - A Short History of Feminism

History of Feminism in the United States - A Short History of Feminism

How honored am I to be included in this list? Truly.
Friday, March 21, 2008

Being Biracial: Curse or Blessing?

Being Biracial: Curse or Blessing?

An article I'm in today. What do you think?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brain Chemistry Influencing Mental Health : NPR

Brain Chemistry Influencing Mental Health : NPR

Hey blog family--here's a show I did last week on mental health. I thought Dr. Bell was excellent and we had a nice vibe. Farai was in top form, as always.

More soon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Barack Obama's Speech on Race - New York Times

Barack Obama's Speech on Race - New York Times

I read this before turning on the news, in order to experience it for myself. It mirrors everything I have been making speeches on for the last fifteen years: the need to end divisiveness, to move toward openness, to cultivate the resource of empathy. To truly change rather than follow the same tired back and forth of battling oppressions.

I think I won't turn on the news today. I will just sit with Barack's hopes and dreams, and refuse to listen to a political machine laying in wait to slice them to pieces.

Hope you are all thriving.

Peace and love forever,

PS The gray words are always links--so the speech is accessible from the top of the page.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Miriam Makeba - Oxgam {Studio Version}


It is so important for us to be ourselves, to shine. Especially in the difficult moments, when we are called upon to navigate complex socio-cultural realities and feel weak, this is when we must remember our strength.

Remembering who we are, letting ourselves be big, moving forward with surety: this is the way human beings express our essential beauty. With intention and self-respect we create our own inimitable style. In the face of tremendous obstacles, we move with our own, unshakable grace.

If we feel fear, we do not let it win.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Olbermann Slams Clinton in Special Comment: "You Are Campaigning As If Barack Obama Were The Democrat And You Were The Republican" - Media on The Huff

Olbermann Slams Clinton in Special Comment: "You Are Campaigning As If Barack Obama Were The Democrat And You Were The Republican" - Media on The Huffington Post

I found out today while doing an NPR interview and listening to Mary Frances Berry on air that Ferrarro said the same thing about Jesse Jackson when he ran for President.

It would behoove us to remember Rove-ian tactics and not have our heads in the sand re: the dems. Make no mistake: Hillary wants to be president and she will play the political game like the master players she and her team are. The issue of race is one play in a thick play book.

The question is whether Obama can recognize the level of the game afoot and win at it, while staying true to his aspiration for new politics (and not becoming completely demoralized). The people he's running against are doing old politics, and the world is watching to see how he manages it. He's going to have to beat politicos in his own backyard, or else how will he outplay them on a global stage?

A tough but exciting place to be.

The key is strategy, strategy, strategy. Obama needs his A Team.

P.S. Just turned on the television: Now it's the pastor. What next?

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

1443 Rockdale Dr. Jackson, Mississippi

1. Great talk tonight at MTSU. Warm campus, smart students, beautiful faculty. Had a great time, especially seeing my old friends Denise and Kimberly, who drove from Pensacola to see me. How lucky am I? We talked about Third Wave Feminism(s), creativity, spirituality, Empire, and new masculinity, among other topics.

2. So amazing to see Obama winning in Mississippi. He campaigned in Jackson, MS, where my parents married against anti-miscegenation laws. My father stayed up at night on our porch with a shotgun because the Klan threatened our little mixed race, segregation-challenging family.

It is incredible to see, in one generation, a mixed race person running for President and taking the state in the primary. I can't be prouder of all my parents did to help birth this moment. I'm also proud of the evolution of a mixed race view of the world that began way back with Frederick Douglass, and runs through Bob Marley--both of whom were mixed race.

3. I can't believe Geraldine Ferraro had the temerity, or unmitigated gaul, to suggest Barack is where he is because of his race. Didn't I already address this in my response to Gloria Steinem's Op-Ed? Didn't I address this in my critique of white, status quo Second Wave Feminist leadership? Sigh.

4. Come check out my new blog on It's called SEEDS, and I'll be posting on parenting twice a week.

5. Peace and love forever and ever.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

For Hillary's Campaign, It's Been a Class Struggle -

For Hillary's Campaign, It's Been a Class Struggle -

Very important article about the role of class in this election. Important to consider, though I think there are many reasons women of all backgrounds might vote for Obama.

For starters, black women of every class may feel there is a better chance Obama will challenge the prison industrial complex currently criminalizing and incarcerating so many African-American men. Rich white women may be voting Obama because they don't want to see their sons shipped off to war, a modality Hillary has supported and Obama has not.

Really, there are so many other factors here than whether or not Maria Shriver has nice hair or the Obamas live in a nice house.

This article was sent by "Cardozo" who commented on the Feminist Infighting post about the rampant misogyny Hillary's been hit with during the campaign, and how Obama seems a distraction from real issues facing women.

My response:

I agree with much of what you've said here Cardozo--I was stunned last month in Pensacola when I shared the elevator with a man whose t-shirt had a picture of Hillary on a bucket of chicken. The caption? "Two small breasts, two left wings, and a pair of fat thighs." I was so shocked by the vulgarity, I couldn't respond in the moment.

The issue raised in my post is that Feminism has failed to countermand this misogyny by building a devoted, diverse, mainstream base through its us vs. them, often short-sighted and divisive dynamic.

The issue of whether Obama can address the specific concerns of women, or even make good on half of his promises, is an important one. And yet, we cannot deny the potency of his open approach to the issues, the incredible team of advisors he has put together, and his ability to relate to many around the world for whom whiteness in either gender still stands for colonialism and exploitation.

One thing is for sure, and I know this from personally traveling from Kenya to Thailand and all points including Iceland in between, the US is in desperate need of a makeover, substantively and superficially.

In a truly global world, the people of every country have a stake in this election, and from what I hear, Obama's their candidate.

It's an interesting place to be.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Rag & Bone Blog

The Rag & Bone Blog

Here's a post in which we've got both ART and POLITICS. Thanks to the fabulous Flygirl, I found these amazing Obama posters.

I hightailed it to CRO and bought "Tell Your Mama, I'm For Obama," which the Print and Photo Department of the Library of Congress has added to the national collection.

Brad Kayal generously offers his to download, print and staple to your nearest spot for free.

Note to HRC campaign: it is now and always about the artists.

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