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BABY LOVE: Choosing Motherhood After
a Lifetime of Ambivalence

by: Rebecca Walker

Binding: Hardcover, 224 pages
Publisher: Riverhead Books
Published Date: March 22, 2007


  The author of Black, White and Jewish gives voice to the uncertainty of her generation in a powerful new memoir. In journal format, beginning with the day her pregnancy is confirmed and ending as she and her partner bring their son home, Walker tells of her physical and emotional journey toward motherhood, poignantly reflecting on the ambivalence that has delayed her dream of having a child for years. Like many 20- and 30-somethings, she was raised to view partnership and parenthood as the least empowering choices in an infinite array of options. This tension comes to the fore as Walker's mother, Alice Walker, opposes her decision to have a baby and challenges her account of their relationship in Black, White and Jewish. Alice ends their relationship and removes Rebecca from her will, and Rebecca endures a tumultuous pregnancy, estranged from her mother as she prepares to become one herself. Elusive health complications arise, and she hops from doctor to doctor, ever wary of Western medicine. Through a lengthy litany of decisions (midwife versus M.D., stroller versus "travel system"), she Googles her way to information overload. At the end of this nine-month mental tug-of-war, she emerges changed: a meat eater, a committed partner with a renewed faith in intimacy, a new woman plus-one. Walker's story is accessible and richly textured, told with humor, wit and warmth. --Publishers Weekly

Advance Praise for Rebecca's new memoir!

"Walker sways on a kind of scary, sublime suspension bridge, stretched between being somebody's child and becoming somebody's mother, and turning her fiercely compassionate intelligence to both. Thanks to her unique vision, the familiar views along the way become nothing short of astounding." --Catherine Newman, author of Waiting for Birdy

"Those of us who have followed Rebecca Walker have come to expect a brilliant journey, one that locates the balance between reason and emotion, blood and sinew. Baby Love does not disappoint. As a daughter, but most of all as a mother I read this book and was transformed." --Asha Bandele, author of The Prisoner's Wife

"In Baby Love, Rebecca Walker has shone a bright light on the Ambivalent Generation. Moving, wise, and deeply honest, Baby Love has illuminated a crucial question for our times." --Danzy Senna, author of Symptomatic

"With honesty, passion, intelligence, wisdom, and insight, Rebecca Walker tracks her journey from experiencing a deep but conflicted biological urge for a child to her exquisitely unambivalent, joyous commitment to motherhood. Along the way, she reexamines her own family relationships, and shares her fears, worries, and eventual understanding about what is ultimately important in life and love. Beautifully written, Babylove will resonate with any woman who has fallen in love with her baby or is wrestling with choosing motherhood." -- Miriam Arond, Editor-in-Chief of Child magazine

Baby Love is a gorgeous memoir, confessional in the most universal of ways. In richly-detailed prose, Walker takes us on her journey toward motherhood, and womanhood, and, ultimately, personhood, with unflinching honesty and raw, painfully beautiful storytelling. --Alisa Valdes, author of Make Him Look Good

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